Building your life of Jesus will give you security in your life. I know... I've been building my house on Him for the past 23 years and He has blessed my life to the fullest!

Because of Jesus in my life:

I have been very prosperous in all that my hands have found to do.
( Any job that I have had, Jesus has caused me to do very well and to find favor with all those who have worked with me.)

I have seen miracles.
    My granddaughter was born with two holes in her heart and water on the brain. Jesus healed them both in just 7 days.

I have a wonderful husband.
    My husband and I grow closer every day. We are partners in the Lord. Working TOGETHER in HIS will.

I have three wonderful children and 6 lovely grandchildren, with two more on the way!
    I have always looked forward to being a grandma. You kids won't relate to that yet, but someday you will and God will bless you as He did me!

My life has been full.
    My husband and I had a chance to spend one month in Australia with another lovely couple in the Lord. We made many friends and hope to return again.

I have many friends.
    The friends that I have in the Lord and many and very sincere! They would do ANYTHING for me.

This is just a few areas that Jesus has blessed me in, in my life.... there are many, many more.

How has Jesus blessed your life? Write and let us know.


Have you ever made rock people?
Here's how.

You will need:
one large rock for the base.
several smaller rocks
glue, (hot glue works well, or super glue)

What to do:
Glue several small rocks on top of the large rock. Paint faces on the rock people. You may paint grass and flowers around the bottom of the large rock. Cut out a  sign and glue it onto a toothpick. Then glue the toothpick to the rock.  Your sign may say, "We are building on Jesus the Rock!)

 Jesus is the Rock!

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