Here are some fun leaf projects to do.



Leaf  Place  Mats 

What you need: 
leaves in all sizes, shapes, and colors. 
wax paper or clear contact paper 

What to do: 
For each place mat use a piece of wax  
paper or contac paper about 12 inches  
by 16 inches. Lay the leaves on the sticky 
side of the contac paper. Cover with  
another sheet of contac paper the same 
size and squeeze out air bubbles. If using  
wax paper, place the leaves between two  
sheets of wax paper, cover with paper towels 
and press with an iron. Trim edges.

Leaf Magic 

What you will need: 
different leaves in all sizes 
white typing paper 

What to do: 
Place a leaf under your typing paper. 
take a brown, red, orange and yellow 
crayon and peal the paper off of it. 
Place the crayon on it's side and rub  
over the paper with the leaf under it. 
Like magic you will see the leaf appear 
on the typing paper. 


Make a pumpkin out of paper plates.

What you will need:
orange paint
green paint

What to do:
Paint the bottom of both plates orange and allow to dry.
Color or paint and cut out a stem using green.
Glue the fronts of the plates together and put the stem
in-between them. There it is.... your paper plate pumpkin.

If you have any fall craft ideas, write and share them with us. We'd love to hear from you!


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