Little Flock Fellowship is a new site featuring what the Lord Jesus has been doing in India among some precious saints that we have come to know. You will find that His Word is rich in them and their story will encourage and inspire you!

New Covenant Living is dedicated to believers in Christ who hunger for the richer, deeper fellowship in Christ that can be experienced in small groups and home church meetings. An exciting change is quietly taking place around the world, as followers of Jesus return to the simplicity and intimacy that the early saints knew. Check it out!

The Home Church Network is another site that might be of interest to some of you adventuresome souls. Here you will find a wealth of inspirational resources that hope to bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, and encourage your deeper walk with Him!

Home Church Related Web Site Links Here is a list of links that will take you to just about every Home Church page that we know of on the Web.

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