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Church History for the Curious

A Story of Trial and Triumph

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Learn about the roots of the many branches of this great historic faith!

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Book Review: Love Wins, by Rob Bell
Our Featured Article:
The Little Word -- IF
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Do you hunger for a more vibrant and living Christian experience? Do you sense that there must be more for you than what the "status quo" has to offer? Are you tired of feeling useless to God and helpless in dealing with everyday struggles? Do you believe the Lord has called you to somehow make a difference in the world around you, instead of simply making excuses and rationalizations?

Living TRUTH is a publication that attempts to face some of these issues and find practical direction for all of those who desire the changes that God intends. We do not hesitate to challenge and stimulate our readers to rise up and heed to the call of God for their lives.

Together we hope to inspire one another to new heights of courage and confidence in our mighty Lord and King, Jesus Christ! We are in search of others who sense a need for a deeper relationship with Him and also a more tangible expression of His reality in our daily lives. Perhaps you are a candidate for this quest, this adventure, this pioneering in faith that we desire. If so, read on, and perhaps share the following resources with others. Let us fan the flames of our love and devotion for Jesus Christ, finding new zeal and enthusiasm for His Word and a deeper love for one another!

Newest Article:
Standing Fast in Liberty

In January of 2005, yours truly, Dan Beaty will begin his third ministry trip to the great country of INDIA. You can follow the link below for story and pictures about the first trip in March of 2000:
Dan's Trip to India
An article on my recent trip to India is also featured in the Winter 2000 issue of OIKOS magazine. The article with photos can be downloaded below.
It requires the free Adobe Reader. Get Acrobat Reader
Visit to Home Churches in India
The entire issue of OIKOS can be downloaded here.
New Articles:
The Normal Christian Experience?
Us AND Them? Viewing the Organized Church
Back issues of Living TRUTH newsletter
November, 1999 issue: Pressing Towards or Missing the Mark? 
September, 1999 issue: The Pleasure of the Lord 
May, 1999 issue: The Fullness of Joy! 
January, 1999 issue: Super-Abounding Grace! 
November 1997 issue: Faith, Optimism and Courage
May 1997 issue: God is NOW!
March 1997 issue: What IF?
January 1997 issue: The Kingdom of God is Near!
December 1996 issue: My Brother's Keeper?
September 1996 issue: Living on the Edge!
May 1996 issue: Never Give Up!
January 1996 issue: Baptized in the Fire!

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Announcing a New Booklet,

The Church: Triumphant in Christ!

We hope that you will find it to be a source of inspiration, hope, and encouragement! Please feel free to download the online version by simply clicking this image, or if you prefer, request the free booklet to be sent by mail at the above address.

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Below is a collection of articles that were written for earlier issues of Living Truth, as well as current themes that have recently been discussed among our brethren. We hope they provide both inspiration as well as instruction for your walk in Christ. They are not offered as being any kind of final word on any particular subject, but that the Body of Christ might be both encouraged and built up.

 Faith and Abundant Christian Living:

The Simplicity of Christ 
Contending for the Faith 
The Key to Abundance 
Living Faith
Faith, Courage and Optimism
Living on the Edge 
Never Give Up!  
The Power of Prayer

 Issues Concerning Life in the Body of Christ

The Once and Normal Church 
The True Church 
Who are the Wineskins? 
The Significance of House Church Meetings 
Separation or Sectarianism? 
The Church Triumphant

 Christian Service:

What is Full-Time Ministry? 
My Brother's Keeper? 
The Followers of Christ 

 The Kingdom of God on earth:

The Kingdom of God is Near! 
God is Now! 
The Significance of House Church Meetings

 Spiritual Restoration/Renewal:

What IF! 
Baptized in the Fire! 
Contending for the Faith 
Essential and Relevant Christianity

Understanding the Will of God:

Understanding the Will of God, Part 1

Understanding the Will of God, Part 2

Understanding the Will of God, Part 3

Living TRUTH on Radio!

For the greater part of 1998, we had the priviledge of broadcasting for the Lord on WXIC in Waverly, Ohio. If it is the Lord's desire, we will resume the radio broadcast soon, but for now we are sharing the printed transcripts of those weekly messages, which we hope will also encourage you. Plans are also being made to bring the broadcast tapes to the internet, where you can listen to them easily by means of the Real Audio Player.


Teachings on Prayer
The Power of Prayer 
Intimacy With God 
The Kingdom of God: 
Kingdom Life 
Kingdom Growth 
Kingdom Authority 
The Time is at Hand! 
The Purposes of God
Overcoming Sin 
Understanding the Will of God 
Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done 
The Gospel of the Kingdom 
The Lordship of Jesus Christ 
Entering the Kingdom 
Reigning With Christ 
The Church and the Kingdom in History 
The Abundant Life: 
What About Your Self-Esteem? 
Super-Abounding Grace! 
Teachings on Faith: 
Contending For the Faith 
Living By Faith 
Faith -- the Substance! 

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