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Month: March 2013

The Bible in the History Channel

Well, after watching the first 3 episodes in the History Channel’s mini series on the Bible, I have little to complain about.

The production values are very high, and there are a number of very inspirational moments throughout.

There seems to be very little editorial comment from the filmmakers. I think their approach was to tell the story from the point of view of the Biblical writers, and to let the audience decide for themselves what could be gleaned from it.

The violence… Well, it is there in the Bible isn’t it? However, where one line is sufficient in the Bible, the opportunity to show the action in all its gory details could not be resisted.

Some details actually brought to light situations in the Bible that I have overlooked. While some of my favorite details were left out to save time. All in all, I would highly recommend both watching the movies and looking up the stories in the Bible to enhance the experience.

The Bible on the History Channel?

Will you be watching the new miniseries on the History Channel? Beginning at 8PM Eastern time, Sunday night, March 3, the first of 5  2-hour showings will highlight stories from the Bible.

Tonight will tell if there will be the kind of skeptical renderings of the Biblical texts as often the History Channel has presented in the past. Every year about this time the plagues over Egypt described in Exodus are explained away as natural phenomenons.

There are a number of liberal theologians that frequent the cable channels who do not even believe in the Resurrection of Christ.

Based on what I have read, this should be different.At the very least, my hope is that this program will generate interest in the Bible. Some may even be motivated to read it for themselves to see if the History Channel got it right or not.

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