And from Vijay himself........

When my wife and I heard the voice of the Lord to leave our traditional church some years ago we felt like Abraham who started his journey by faith. As we entered the territory which had not been glimpsed by us, we were afraid of unmarked paths, and of ridicule and possible failures.

What bothered us was our small size of Home Church and also the loneliness due to our separation from traditional churches. What we did not know was God's wonderful plan of teaching us that church has to become small in order to grow big.

Dan’s visit proved to us not only the bigness of heart of house church but also our nearness to millions of saints of Home Churches who are scattered all over the world. Dan had to travel thousands of miles and spend a lot of money just to be with a small group of saints who meet in homes. The visit of Brother Dan to our Home Church conference, may be the first of its kind in the city of Delhi. It has been like a time of celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles in our midst as we have been experiencing Christ through one another. The new songs taught by Dan brought added joy to all of us. His testimony of his spiritual journey and his experiences with Home Church strengthened all of us.

Finally we bow down and worship the Lord Jesus Christ the builder of the Church, who has come to our city.

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