Matthew 25: 14-30

     During the time that Jesus lived and walked among people here on earth, He told many different stories. These stories are called Parables. Each parable that Jesus told had a special meaning. One day He told a story about talents. A talent was a measure of money, and since money is a important part of everyday life, Jesus used it as an example to teach about the more important things in God's Kingdom.

     The story goes like this. Once there was a businessman who was leaving on a long trip. While he was gone, he wanted his servants to make good use of their time, so he gave them control over certain amounts of money. To the first man he gave, five talents. To the second man he gave two talents and to the third man he gave one talent.

     The first servant counted the coins carefully. He knew that if he used the money wisely, he could make even more money for his master, so he invested it, and doubled his money.  The man who had two talents earned enough to make four talents. Each man doubled his master's money.

    The third man, however, was lazy. Why should he try to help his master earn extra money when his master did not do anything to earn it, himself.  Besides his master was a hard man.  He decided to wrap up the money and bury it until his master came back.

     When the master came back he called his servants together to find out what they had been doing. The first and second servant showed their master that they had doubled their money. The master was very happy. "Well done, you good  and faithful servants!" he said. "You have proven yourself with small amounts, so I shall promote you and give you responsibility over a great deal more! You will be rewarded for all your hard work." 

    Then he asked the third servant, "What have you done with the one talent that I gave you?"  The lazy servant hung his head and said, " I didn't think it was fair for you to earn extra money when I did all the work. Furthermore if I had lost it, then you would have been upset with me, so I decided to hide the one talent and keep it safe until you came home."  "You good-for-nothing servant!" said the master. "You could have at least put the money in the bank where it would have earned interest." Then he took the talent away from the third man and gave it to the first man. Then he let the lazy servant go from his employment.

     What lesson do you think Jesus was trying to teach when He told this story? He has given each of us different abilities and talents to serve Him. There is something that each person can do for Jesus. Can you think of some things that you do well, that could be used to share God's love with others?  God wants you to use the talents that He has given you. When we invest our time and money in doing things for Jesus, we are "storing up our treasures in heaven" -- the best bank anywhere. Then Jesus will say to us, "Well done my good and faithful servant!", and He will expand our talents even more!

Story by: Brenda Beaty

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