Have you ever thought about your body and how marvelous it is made? Every part has its own function. The eye sees, the ear hears, the foot walks, and the hand holds.  Did you know that the Bible talks about a body also? Let's see what it says.

     In the book of  I Corinthians  chapter 12,  verse 12 it says... for as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body... so also is Christ. Now that's a pretty big statement... let's see what it means.

     The first part says... for as the body is one and has many members. That's pretty easy to understand, we all know that our body is made up of many different parts and it takes all of these parts to make up our body. I Corinthians 12;14 says for the body is not one member but many. I think we understand what that means, but then it says, so also is Christ. Hummm... that puts it in a different light. Now the Bible is talking about a spiritual body by using the natural body as an illustration. I Cor.12:27 says... Now YOU are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. Can you see what the Bible means?

     I Corinthians 12, verse 13 says, that by Christ we have been joined together to make up one body. As you give yourself to God to become what He would have you to be, you become a member of His body. He is like the head and we are like the feet and hands. Christ being the head tells the other parts of the body what to do.

    One of us may be an arm that reaches out to hug someone when Christ shows us that they need a little love. Someone else may be a foot, walking on for the Lord not being afraid to go where He tells you to go. Someone may be a little toe, not doing much to speak of, but being there just the same to add support to the rest of the body.  We all have a purpose in this wonderful body, which is called the body of Christ. It may not be the same job as someone else, but it's just as important. It takes everyone of us to make up this body.

     With Christ as our head and us as the members of His body doing what He tells us to do, we can go throughout the world, being led by His Spirit doing His work and fulfilling the purpose of God in the earth. With a foot in America and an arm in England and an eye in Africa we are stretched out through all the world - a bit of God everywhere, but all taking direction from one head, even Christ.

      As in our natural body when we stub our toe, it sends a message throughout all the body to help it. When our brothers and sisters in other countries or even next door need help, all the body should reach out to comfort and help it, until it is okay again. We all NEED each other, without you I will not be complete, and without me you will not be complete. We are the body of Christ, many members, yet ONE.
Story by, Brenda Beaty
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