I would like to share one of my favorite songs with you, it goes like this:
Oh yes, Oh yes, I'm a child of the King
His Royal blood, now flows through my veins.
And I who was blind, but now I can see.
Praise God, Praise God, I'm a child of the King.
     This song meant a lot to me because as His child, I knew God was watching over me and my life.  Living a life without God is a scary experience.  There's a story in the bible in Luke chapter 15 and verse 11 about a son who decided to leave the protection of his father and live his life on his own.  It's the story of the Prodigal Son, and it goes like this:
     There was a son who had everything he needed while living in his father's house. One day he took all that was his and decided to leave his father's house and go into the world and try to make it on his own.  As the story goes on, the son ends up spending all his money on riotous living, then the bible says, there came a famine in the land.  A famine is when there is not enough food to go around to feed all the people.  The son began to have needs that he couldn't meet.  He was hungry and had no money to buy food.

    One day as he was working in the field feeding some pigs, he was so hungry he thought he could even eat the pigs food. Then the bible says, "he came to himself." He realized that he was the son of a wealthy father, a father who had everything, and even if he were just a SERVANT in his father's house, at least he would have food to eat.  So the son decided to go back to his father's house to live.

    No doubt the son wondered how his father would act when he saw him. Would he be angry with him for losing all he owned? Would he even want him to come back?  The son knew he must be humble before his father and ask for forgiveness.
     Well...  what a surprise the son got when he saw his father!  There he was with open arms.  His father was so happy to see his son return to him that he got a fresh robe to put on him, new shoes for his feet and  a ring for his finger.  Then the father ordered a great feast .  The son couldn't believe his eyes, he knew his father loved him very much and had forgiven him for all his wrong.  His father said," for this my son was dead and is now alive again; he was lost and is found."  And the bible said they began to be merry!
     Wasn't that a good story, with a happy ending?  This story is like our lives too. When we dwell in our Heavenly Father's house we have everything we need.  We not only have food for our natural man, like bread and milk, but we also have food for our spiritual man as well.  The spiritual man eats food like prayer, and the word of God we get from reading the bible.  In our next newsletter we will talk about the spiritual man and the natural man, so that you can better understand.
      We came from God from the beginning of time. We are His creation, we are His children.  He wants us to know that we have always been His.  When we live outside of God, or we do not include God in our lives, and we try to live without Him, we get very miserable and we find we have a lack in our lives.  We need God to fill us up with Himself, that we may live a very happy and successful life. We need to realize who we are, and return to our Father, Jesus Christ, for..... YOU are .........  A CHILD OF THE KING!
 Story by: Brenda Beaty
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