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 Bookmark Here is a book marker to make.
Just color and cut out the picture. Then cut on the dotted lines, on the arms. Place in-between your pages with the page between the body and the arms to mark your place.


Here is a recipe for making home  
made bubbles: 

2 cups Joy dish detergent 
3/4 cups Karo syrup 
6 cups water 

Shake ingredients together  
in a large container. Keeps 
best in the refrigerator. In  
addition to bubble wands, try 
string tied in circle. Dip and  
pull out slowly. You can also  
use empty thread spools. Just 
dip and blow!

How to make Flubber. 
In a large container (such as a pail) combine: 
1 1/2 cups warm water 
2 cups white glue 
food coloring 

In a second container combine: 
1 1/3 cups warm water 
3 tsp. Borax  

Mix ingredients in each container. Pour contents of smaller container into large container. Gently lift and turn the mixture until only about a tablespoon of liquid is left. FLUBBER will be sticky for a moment or two. Let excess liquid drip off then FLUBBER is ready! 
Stretch it! Bounce it! Roll it! 
Store in airtight container lasts about 3 weeks.

Make a good word
out of four circles.
Draw a line down on the first circle
and a line up on the last circle.
Make a spinning top.
Cut out a cardboard circle and color it.
Push a toothpick through the center,
and spin your top!

What to do:
Grow the garden in a shallow glass or aluminum
pie tin. Collect porous materials - such as driftwood,
lava rock, cork, coal, and pieces of sponge. Arrange
them in the container, piling them up to make a
jumbled surface.

Mix up this solution:
4 tlb. non iodized table salt
4 tlb. liquid bluing
4 tlb. water
1 tlb. ammonia

Spoon the mixture over the bits of porous material. Make
sure the solution covers the bottom of the container. Dip just
a little food coloring (one or two colors) over the garden.
Set it where you won't have to move it. Watch it change
over the next four days. As the liquid travels to the surface
the water in it evaporates, leaving a salt solution behind. Salts
crystallize from this and keep growing until the solution dries


Make a newspaper tree:

Here is a fun craft my dad used to
do for me.

To make a tree, roll up the long side
of one newspaper sheet and tape it
closed. Cut one end of the roll (long
snips, fairly close together). Reach
inside the fringed end of the roll and
carefully pull it out of the center.
This will make the trees spiral up until
it is tall. The fringe becomes the leaves.

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