What A Wonderful Father!
     "And I will be a Father unto you, and you shall by my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty." (2 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 18)  "Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God:" ( I John 3:1)

     What wonderful words for us to have from God!  I remember when the Lord first came into my life, I was twenty five years old at that time.  I always knew their was a God even though I didn't have a Christian up bringing.  I would repeat the Lord's Prayer when I felt I needed something more in my life.  But I never thought that I could have a personal relationship with Him.

      I remember the first time God made Himself known to me.  I was in a very hard situation in my life, a situation that I had no control of, one that I didn't deserve to be in.  As I would try to figure out why this was happening to me, I would say to myself, "Is this God trying to get my attention?", and I would feel good inside. But then my mind would say no... no way. and I would feel bad again. It didn't take much of that to convince me that YES, God was trying to get my attention.

    When I finally realized that indeed it WAS God,... my whole world became different! Nothing seemed the same.  I was still living in the same house, I was still around the same people, but it was all different somehow!

    The trees in the front yard didn't seem the same! It seemed everything was brighter! Life began to have meaning for me.  What a WONDERFUL experience!!!  I realized that I could talk to God and He would talk back to me.

    He didn't talk like you and I talk, but He would speak to me through my thoughts, or through reading things, or in having things happen to me that were like miracles, things that I knew would not have happened except, that God made them happen.  He gave me so much love for all the people I met, I couldn't see bad in anyone.  The Bible became an open book to me, all the thee's and thou's somehow made since now and I could understand everything I read.  I truly had a born again experience!

     I was no longer the person I used to be!  In just one day, God had come into my life and turned it totally around!  I realized that God was now my Dad, and even though I was twenty five years old, it felt good to know that I had someone looking out for me again.  Someone who would correct me when I made a mistake and bless me when I was good.  What a comfort to me, I had security in my life again.

    It's funny, when your living at home under your parents, it seems all you can think about is moving out on your own.  But then, when you move out,... you realize how secure you felt living under your Mom and Dadís care, sometimes you would like to be back there again.

     God has made us His children and like a Father, He is looking out for our good. He can be our security, and with Him as our Father, we know He will guide our footsteps in the right direction.  He sent Jesus to earth to show us how to live the way God intended us to live, with love in our hearts and victory in our lives, and to show us that we can have a personal relationship with God our Father. God has called us His children, and He wants us to know Him as our heavenly Father.  A Father who loves and cares for His children.  With Him looking out for us we can live our lives knowing that all things are working out for our good.

     I can honestly say that God has NEVER let me down. He has worked miracles in my life more that once, and I couldn't imagine life without Him. I am so glad that He has made me His child, for He is the Father of all Fathers!
By Brenda Beaty
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