What A Friend
     "Bye, Nerd-Head!" she called from the back of the bus. The children sitting in the seats began to giggle as Megan was departing from the school bus. She hung her head as her face began to glow with redness.  "Why does Shannon hate me so?", she thought as she walked up the driveway to her house.

     A sweet and yummy smell swirled past her as she grew closer to the house.  "I sure hope that is Cinnamon Buns, Mother is baking! Mmm, my favorite.",she thought as she entered the house. 

    "Hello, Mom!" She called.  "Hi Megan! How was your day?" Mother said as she gently kissed Megan on her forehead.  "It was all right!"  "Now, why don't you sit down and tell me what's the matter? I know my Cinnamon Buns always get a happy face from you, but not today. What's bothering you, Honey?" 

    It's Shannon Price! I always thought she liked me and we were pretty good friends. I can't seem to understand why she is always picking on me. I have tried everything I know to stay out of her way. It is so hard because she is so very mean. Some of the things she has said to me, I'm not sure I can ever forgive her, I think I might even hate her!" Megan dropped her head and began to cry.

     Mother reached over the table and gathered Megan in her arms.  "There, there now. You know that you are sad because you know that your unforgiveness is wrong. You must always forgive those that hurt you no matter how badly it is, because you know that is exactly what Jesus did for you on Calvary. Try real hard to forgive her, Megan. Unforgiveness will only make the whole situation worse!"  "I just can't Mother. I know I probably should but you don't know how mean she is.", sobbed Megan.  "All right, Honey, just finish your Cinnamon Bun and we'll pray about this tonight before bed. This will give you time to think about what you need to do." ,said Mother .

     Later that night, Megan pondered what her Mother had said. She knew it was the right advice but she also knew how cruel Shannon was. It was so mean some of the things she said and did. She knew all about forgiveness but she sure didn't understand how Jesus would even be able to forgive that awful Shannon.

     Mother came into her room to pray and kiss her goodnight.  "Mother, it is going to be very hard for me but maybe if we pray and ask God to help me, things will be different between Shannon and I." said Megan.  "Yes, that' was what I wanted you to figure out, Sweetie. It will be better, I assure you of that!"

     They prayed together and asked God to give Shannon kindness and to give Megan the ability to forgive Shannon 's cruelty. They concluded with confidence that the Lord would hear and change things. 

    The next day, Megan boarded the School Bus, Shannon was sitting in the back.  "Hey, where's chicken-face today? yelled Shannon.  Megan froze with embarrassment. She began to think about the prayers of her Mother the night before. She even began to pray silently on the Bus for Shannon.

    All of a sudden, she saw Shannon differently.  Megan remembered all of the bad things that had happened to Shannon and her family over the past couple of months. In the summer, her Grandpa died and she was very close to him. She missed him terrible. A few months after that, her Father lost his job in the Steel Mill. They had to sell the house that they lived in all their lives and move into a tiny apartment on the crowed side of town.

    There were several things that had happened in Shannon's life that could be the reason for the meanness that Megan had endured from her. Just at that moment, all the cruel things that Shannon had said to her didn't seem to be important.

    Megan began to realize just how very blessed she was. How very many things that she had in her life to be thankful for. In a strange way Megan felt compassion for Shannon.  Megan opened her lunchbox and saw a giant Cinnamon Bun wrapped for her lunch. She reached in and picked up the tasty treat. She turned to Shannon.  "Shannon I think you'll really like this. My mom made them yesterday." 

    Taken completely by surprise, Shannon received the pastry.  "Gee...Thanks!" Shannon replied Megan remembered a scripture verse that her Sunday School teacher had mentioned one time about repaying evil for good. Megan knew that was exactly what she had done to Shannon. Megan had done a very hard thing. It was difficult and painful but she felt better in the end because she had done what her real friend would of asked her to do.His name is JESUS!
By: Karen Gaydos
       Belsano PA
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