Let's Be A Good Samaritan
Luke 10:25-37

     One day a lawyer came to Jesus and asked Him a question. He asked Him, what he had to do, to live forever in heaven. Jesus answered him by telling him a story. It goes like this.

     A Jewish man was taking a trip from Jerusalem to Jericho. Along the way some men were hiding behind  large rocks along the road. When they saw the man coming they jumped out and began hitting him, hurting him badly. They took his cloths and his money and all that he had and left him to die on the road.

     For a long time he laid in the hot sun, too weak and injured to move. He was hoping that someone would come by and help him. After awhile he heard footsteps and raised his head to see who was coming. It was a priest. The man thought that surely a priest would help him, but the priest walked on the other side of the road without even looking at the hurt man!

     Hour after hour the injured man lay on the road, hoping for someone to help him. At last he saw a Levite man coming. Levites were servants in the temple. They spend their life teaching people about God's rules. Surely he would help the man. But the Levite came over, bent down, looked at the hurt man and walked away.

     Once again the man saw another traveler approaching. He lifted his head and opened his eyes and saw that the traveler was a Samaritan. The man laid back with a groan. The Jews and Samaritans had been enemies for years. There was no use thinking that this man would help! But the Samaritan went over to the injured man. He soothed his wounds with medicine and bandaged them. Then he lifted the man upon his donkey and took him to an inn.

     When morning came, the Samaritan had to be on his way. He gave the inn keeper extra money to take care of the man and said if it cost more to let him know, and he would pay the rest, the next time he came by.

     At the end of the story Jesus asked the lawyer, which one of these men did he think was a good neighbor to the wounded man. The lawyer said it was the Samaritan man that felt sorry for the hurt man and helped him. Jesus said, "Go, and follow his example." 

     This was a very good story and it has a very good meaning in it for us. Jesus wants us to love others as well as we love ourselves. Put yourself in someone else's place and think how you might feel if you were that person. If someone was sick, how would you feel if you were him or her? If a person you knew, didn't have any friends, how would you feel if you were that person? If the bullies of the school was pushing another kid around, how would you feel if you were that kid? By doing this we will have compassion on others and knowing how we would feel in that situation makes us want to help that person feel better. This is a very important commandment of God's. Let's make it important to us also.

Story By: Brenda Beaty

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