Naomi Laday
age 19
Phillipine Island

    Some times in our lives there are trials to challenge us on how deep and faithful we are to the Lord. I thank God 'coz He never let me down to be afar from Him. He lift me up and show me how good He is and how He change me and healed my soul from sin.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Elizabeth Galili
Phillipine Islands
age 18

    First of all I'm Miss Elizabeth N. Galil, 18 years, old, a pure Filipina and student. I'm residing here in Davao City. My birthday is on Jan. 30th, and a Christian.
    About our place here, same as usual, beautiful places, tall buildings, many vehicles and unite people.
    Since I grow the interesting things that happen to me was, when I'm in my last year in high school, 'cause of the happenings, I enjoy outings, guys are courting me, meet some friends and especially to meet and accept God as my personal savior. Totally when I was in my 1st and 3rd year High School I was alone cause my parents keep me always inside of the house. I don't know what's the reason but the fact is I'm enjoying life now.
    As the years go I find it difficult 'cause of my problem with my 3 years steady boyfriend being unfaithful. It hurt! I didn't know what to do. I love him so much! But God touch my heart and He said give it to me. I cry and I'm happy for what the Lord has done to me.
    Many special thing that the Lord has done to me. He is so special in my heart. God created the world and without Him were not supposed to be here.

Lindsay Stephens
Kentucky U.S.A.
    My school is a special school. It is my home. Every morning I get up and do school work. I want to thank God for my family and friends. When I grow up, I want to play the guitar and sing   to God.
Naomi Wood
Sydney, Australia

    In answer to "Your Experience of God in your life", It took me awhile to work it out. I think that I'm in a place of growing interest for the Lord. It seems that until around about now I never really understood what the Word of God is really about. I am learning more and more about Him each day through life's experiences and it's always great to know that He's there for me when I need Him.


Michalle Glen
Texas USA
age 16

    When I was a little girl about 6 or 7 years old, I was taught a simple, but important lesson in life.
    My grandma was teaching me how to crochet. I kept messing up and getting aggravated with myself because I had to keep going back and redoing it. Grandma was so good at crocheting she could do it with her eyes closed and never make a mistake. I would get so devastated because I couldn't even do it with my eyes open, let alone closed!
    One day I was at her house visiting when I said, "Grandma, how will I ever be so good at crocheting that I'll never make a mistake?" She turned to me and said, "Honey, you'll always make mistakes until you become very familiar with what you are doing, because practice makes perfect. But just remember when you see a mistake in something you are making, be sure you go back and redo it; because if you don't, every time you look at it you'll remember that you could have fixed it and didn't. But if you don't see the mistake until you are through, then don't worry about it, just try to do better the next time."
    Well Grandma has passed away, but her words are with me forever and I can now apply them to my life today. When I make the same mistakes over and over, I think, "O God, how will I ever quit making these same mistakes?" Her words will come to mind and all I can do is pray, "Lord, help me to see this before it comes my way again so I can avoid it." I can't look back over my past mistakes and condemn myself because I can't do anything about it now anyway. But I can trust in the Lord to help me overcome my problems today; and I'll be able to look back and say, "Yes, each time I came through quicker and easier." Thank you ,Lord!

Deborah Kyle
Texas USA

    I'd like to write and tell of a miracle the Good Lord has wrought in my life. When I was two years old I was pigeon toed, (that's when your feet turned inward). So my mother brought me to church and the people there prayed for my feet. While my mom watched, my feet straightened out. I've been perfectly whole ever since!


Jessica Pierson
Ohio USA

    Hi, my name is Jessica and since I am only seven years old, my Grandma is writing this for me. I have a testimony I would like to share with you about how the Lord healed me. When I was first born the doctors said I had water on the brain, two holes in my heart and down syndrome. My heart was so bad that when my mommy held me up over her shoulder, my hands and feet would turn dark blue, from bad circulation. As you can guess, this news really upset everyone. When the news got around to the people of God, they all began to pray for me. Well, in just seven days a miracle happened!  The heart specialist was checking my heart out to see if it was safe for my mom to take me home from the hospital, and the doctor couldn't find ANY holes in my heart at all! Also the water in my brain left, on it's own!  Even though they say I have down syndrome, I am doing most everything that a 7 year old should do. I Love the Lord and like to sing songs about His love.

Amy Sullivan
Ohio USA
age 14

    I came to the country from the city because of a tragedy. My mother had died from Aids. Two years later I was baptized. At first when I came up from the water I didn't feel any different. Two days later I felt I was an angel and God had chosen me. He chose me because I was special and I didn't know it. He saved me and make me whole.

Joni Hawkins
Illinois USA

    I am a Christian. I am a home-schooler and I'm in the 6th grade. I enjoy writing and receiving letters, reading, listening to Contemporary Christian music, cats and going to youth Camp in West Virginia.
    The best thing that has ever happened to me was getting to go to youth camp. The Lord really spoke to my family and I. I also met a lot of new friends there.
    I live in a big old farm house in central Illinois. We are not farmers but we have a dog and the people around here raise cattle, pigs, corn, wheat and soybeans.
    The special people in my life are all my family and a very dear friend Jessica Metts.

Louise Dilleshaw
Texas USA

    I live in a little town called Grapeland, in Texas. The climate here is almost always warm, the winters are mild, we rarely get snow. I live on a seven acre farm and the main things we do is raise animals and crops. I have a lot of different hobbies, some of the most favorite are: writing letters, drawing, reading, sports (all kinds) horseback riding and playing piano. I want to learn to play the saxophone someday and I'm working on the guitar. I'm on no sports team, but the Lords! I cheer for each victory He has over the "enemy"! I love my Savior with all of my heart and want to serve Him forever, My main ambition is to share Jesus with others and let them know how much He means to me! He's truly a friend and He knows everything we go through!
    That's all I have to say. May God Bless you as you continue His work.

Jessie Blacker
Arkansas USA
        I am 12 years old. This summer I am moving to Paraguld. I live with the three most important people in my life. They are my brother Kevin, my Mom and my Dad. My Mom and Dad are divorced. My Mom lives in town. I change houses every Thurs. My hobbies are swimming, writing poems, and reading. I cheerlead for the school team and I used to be in Karate. When I was three years old I was bit by a dog all over my left side of my face. God helped me through that time. You can't see that many scars left. I am grateful for that. God is helping me deal with all the hardships I have been having

Cayayan do Oro City,
    My name is Ma Teresa Geroy. The climate that we live in is not too much hot and not too much cold. We have a rain here sometimes. I like our place here, because when I look up I see the beautiful and green mountains, the birds singing, the very wide blue sea, and I remember the goodness and greatness of God. How great thou art and His thoughts is very deep. My hobbies are playing volleyball and badminton. I like painting or drawing cartoon pictures, receiving and writing a friendly letter. I know how to play keyboard and guitar a little bit. I am one of the little singer in our church. God is really working in my life. He used me for His glory and I'm proud of it. The interesting things that happened to me is when I became a member of your "New Generation" and of course when I know that Jesus loves me. He choose me/us in Him before the foundation of the world and I received Him as my personal Savior and I became a daughter of God. What God done in my life is when, He healed me from my sickness that was breast cancer. I believed His Word says, "by your stripes we are healed." and now I am healed. Jesus healed me with out making any operation with the doctor and also He blessed our family. He strengthen us while walking in Him and I thank Him for His faithfulness and great love and I never want to be apart from Him ever again.

Amabel Gonzales
Cagayan De Oro City

    My name is Amabel, I'm 17 years old. I live with my family, we are all Christians too. The climate here is normal, not always warm and bright , sometimes it is sunny, sometimes it is rainy. My favorite hobbies are writing and receiving letters, reading, singing. I love to play volleyball and badminton. My main ambition is to share Jesus with others and let them know God is VERY PRECIOUS in our lives.

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