There was once a man in the book of II Kings named Naaman. The bible tells us that he was a great and honorable man. As a matter of fact he was the Captain of the Kings army in that day. Naaman had a problem tho, he had a sickness called Leprosy. This was a very dangerous sickness because it was very contagious. Many people who caught Leprosy in the Bible days would die. They would also be sent away, out of the city, to live with other people who had the disease. I am sure Naaman was very sad when he found out he had Leprosy.

     One day, one of Naaman's servants told him, that she heard that in the country of Israel there was a prophet of God, named Elisha who might be able to heal him of this terrible disease.  So Naaman decided to go to this Prophet for help.

     Now Naaman, because he was a great man was used to people treating him with all honor. Like famous people of today he usually was made to feel very special. But to Naaman's surprise this was not so, this time.  The Bible says that when Naaman came to Elisha's door with all his horses and chariots, Elisha didn't even come out to see him! As a matter of fact Elisha sent a word to Naaman through his servant, he didn't even come to the door to meet him! What a shock for Naaman! He had never been treated this was before! He was very angry. Then to top it all off the servant told him that Elisha said to go and dip, not once but SEVEN times in the muddiest river around! Can you imagine how angry Naaman was about this! Well Naaman decided he wasn't going to have anything to do with this prophet, no doubt Elisha was not a person that Naaman wanted to have anything to do with!  As Naaman turned to go back home one of his servants came to him and said, " If the prophet would have told you to do something great, wouldn't you have done it? Why not go ahead and do as he said, and be healed." I'm sure Naaman had to think about this for awhile.  I'm sure he realized how foolish he was acting, after all it was a matter of life or death to him, because he would surely die if he did not get healed. He sure was going to look foolish in the eyes of his servant, dipping in that muddy river.... but maybe... just maybe, he would be healed. So Naaman decided to go and do as the prophet Elisha had told him and guess what happened?........He got HEALED!

     Now all he could think of was how thankful he was to Elisha. He didn't even care that he was treated with no respect from the prophet. He didn't care that he made a fool of himself before his servants, dipping in the muddy Jordan River... all he could do was rejoice because he had been healed! He went back to Elisha's house to thank and pay him for healing him, but Elisha would not take any pay for what was done, instead he told Naaman to thank God for his healing.

     There is a very good lesson for us to learn in this story. Sometimes when you need something, don't feel bad when your help comes differently than you expected. The Bible says that God loves for us to be humble. It doesn't really matter how our needs are met... just so they are met. We need to be thankful to God, however, He decides to bless us. We will all find ourselves in a situation someday that we may not like, and the answer to our bad situation may not be what we expected, but have trust in God. The Bible says that everything works out for the best for those who love the Lord.  So have confidence in God that no matter how He wishes to send your special answer, the end result will be great!

Story by: Brenda Beaty

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