You Are The
Salt of The Earth!

     Did you know that the Bible calls YOU the salt of the earth?  You have probably been called a lot of things before....but never salt!  Well let's see if we can get a better understanding of what the Bible means by this.

     First lets see what we already  know about salt. It's little grains of white crystals that we sprinkle on our food to make it taste better. A hard boiled egg taste great with a little salt on it.  On the other hand if we put too much salt on the egg it will spoil it. How many times has the salt shaker lid fell off as we were sprinkling our food and ruined it.  So too much salt in one spot is not good, but a little sprinkle here and there is great!

     Salt is also used when we preserve or can our food. There is something in it that makes our food last along time. Our Grandparents were good at preserving  the food they grew in their gardens over the summer months.  I  love to eat canned corn from the garden in the winter.

     Salt is used in the winter time to melt ice. When the roads get frozen and slippery the trucks are called out to dump salt on them to melt the ice. Sometimes my steps outside get a layer of ice on them in the winter, and all I have to do is sprinkle a little salt on them and you can hear the ice crack up and within minutes its melted. So we can see that salt has many uses. But what does all this have to do with us? Well ........ lets see.

     In the book of  Matthew chapter 5 and verse 13 it says that YOU are the salt of the earth.  One day I was sitting in my house and I was able to see out my front door and my back door from where I was sitting. As I was looking out at my neighborhood the Lord spoke to me that I was the salt of my neighborhood.  That seemed like a strange thing to me until  I thought about it for a moment, then I realized what God was showing me.  When you give your heart to God and ask Him to use you for His work, you become one of  His little grains of salt. You are like one of the little white crystals of  flavoring that God uses to make the earth a better place. How do you do this?  When you show the love of God  to those around you, when you are honest in a dishonest world, you become the God seasoning for the earth. Without God's salt in the world, it would be a very tasteless place. I would not want to live in a world that didn't have love and kindness in it.  Food without salt is tasteless and no one wants it either. The world would not be a good place without God's seasoning in it. He knows just where to sprinkle a little of His salt around.

      You might have had an experiance like this at one time. You were someplace where you thought you were  the only Christian around.  You  wondered why you were there and you didn't feel very comfortable. I used to feel that way a lot especially when I  was at school.  Did you ever think that God  had you there to be His seasoning?  There may have been someone there with a heart of ice that He needed to melt with His salt, which YOU ARE. You may have thought, if I only had another Christian friend here with me I could do much better. But remember sometimes TOO much salt in one place can spoil what God is trying to do. Just like too much salt on the egg will spoil it.  God will put you where He needs a little sprinkle of love and compassion.

    Doesn't that make you feel good to know that you are God's seasoning in the earth? And without you the world would not be a very good place. It makes me want to pray more and ask God to put me where He needs me to be. Then I can be His sprinkle of salt for that time and place.

Story by Brenda Beaty

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