I once new of a person who I thought had everything.  He was very rich and famous.  He could go anywhere and buy anything he wanted. Oh....  if only I had lots of money and was as popular as him, I would be so happy.

     Then to my surprise, I heard that this person had taken his own life! How could this happen?  Why wasn't he satisfied?  He had wealth and fame! Wasn't that enough to make anyone happy?

    Then one day as I was reading my bible, I read in the book of I Corinthians, chapter 15 and verse 44, it said, "There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body."  Then I began to understand.  In every human being this is so. We have a natural body and a spiritual body, all in one. 

      Our natural body, is our body which walks around, gets tired and hungry , and hurts when we stub a toe or skin a knee.  It can feel cold and hot. It's the part of us that we tend to care for automatically. We're always looking in the mirror to make sure it looks it's best.

    Our spiritual body lives in our natural body.  It's that little voice inside of us that tells us when we do something wrong or something right.  It's the one that gives our natural body life.  It's that inner feeling that you feel deep down inside of you, when you feel compassion for a friend in need.

     We have no problem taking care of our natural body.  When were hungry, we feed it, when it's cold, we put warm clothes on it, when it gets tired, we put it to bed and give it rest.  But what about our spiritual body?  How do we care for it?  It's just as much a part of us as our natural body is.

     Our Spiritual body needs food like, prayer.  It needs for us to look into the mirror of the bible, and in doing so we can see how we look according to the Word of God.  We need to read our bibles to know that in our lives, God is working all our situations out for us, for our OWN GOOD.  We will grow strong, and when problems come to us, we won't worry, because we know God is taking care of us and our every need will be met.  When our spiritual body is as strong and well kept as our natural body we feel content.  It won't matter if were rich or poor, we will be happy.   We can have all, that the natural body desires and  still be unhappy if our spiritual body is not taken care of.  I know many people who are just like this.  They are so miserable, even though they seem to have everything money can buy.  If only they would take care of their spiritual body as well, they would be much happier and satified.

     God, in your life gives you a purpose for  living. The Lord has a very special plan He's been working on, since the beginning of time, and guess what.....your part of it!  You are very special to God, and He wants you to live your life in joy, peace and contentment.  He made this world just for you to enjoy.  He loves you, and He wants to have a place in your life.  Then you can be happy and show others how to live a happy and prosperous life too.  So FEED your spiritual body and GROW in God!

Story by:
Brenda Beaty

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