Let Us Be Changed! 

     I would like to share a story that reminds me so much of my life.  It's one of my favorites.  I begins with the life of a little furry, kind of not too cute creature, called a caterpillar.  Well one day as this little creepy guy was slowly crawling along, he happened to gaze up into the sky and what do you think he saw?  Flying high  was a very lovely butterfly.  "Oh!", thought the caterpillar," what a sight!" If only he could fly.  All he could do was crawl on the ground or crawl up a tree, always worrying about getting stepped on. "Ho hum, what a boring life!", he thought.

     Then one day, the most unusual thing began to happen!  The little caterpillar began to feel like spinning himself into a cocoon.  What a strange feeling.  He'd never done that before,  why was he feeling this way now?  He began to fight against his feelings. This task would be too hard, he didn't even know how to begin.  What was he to do, the feeling was growing stronger and stronger, he was so miserable inside, he felt so empty!  Just when he felt he couldn't  last much longer, the beautiful butterfly came and sat down, right beside of him.  The caterpillar looked to tired!  The butterfly asked, " Why are you struggling so, why don't you just give in to your feeling and spin your cocoon?"  "Don't resist, you'll be so happy you did."

     So the little caterpillar climbed into the tree, and found a very strong branch and began spinning his cocoon.  This was surely a new adventure for him, he knew that his life would never be the same.  He just wasn't sure how his new life would be, but he had to do something,  he just couldn't stay the way he was.

     Well....after some time went by, as he was inside his cocoon he began to feel very strange.  He felt himself changing, but he didn't know exactly how.  All he did know was that he was safe within his little home and he knew everything was going to work out all right in the end.  Then one day he began to feel the cocoon opening.  He twisted and turned until he was on the outside of it.  The sun was so bright, that, that was all he could see.  He began to stretch in the warmth of the sun when suddenly he felt something he'd never felt before.  As he looked to see what it was he realized he certainly had changed! On his back now rested two lovely wings!  Oh how beautiful!  He just couldn't believe his eyes!  He was no longer the lowly little caterpillar but now he was a beautiful butterfly ! He was no longer limited to crawling around on the ground, now he could fly high into the sky!  He could see for miles.  His life surely would never be the same.  How thankful he was that he entered into that cocoon, he was so happy with his new life!

     The caterpillar is like somebody that does not know God.  He lives his life seeing only from an earthly realm.  Always fearful that people will step on him, trying to fit in however he can.  Doing things that he really doesn't want to do just so others will accept him.  Feeling empty and lonely and board with his life, until one day he feels a stirring from deep inside him.  At first he fights the feeling, not knowing exactly what it is, but then he yields to it and finds that all along it was God trying to reveal Himself to him. When the person finally opens his eyes to what God wants in his life, that's all he can see, and what a wonderful sight!  Then a change begins to take place in his life.  In the book of I Corinthians chapter 15 and verse 51 it reads,  "Behold, I show you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye."  To be asleep in this verse means to not be aware.  When your asleep you don't know what's going on around you.  The sleep here means not to be aware of God or of what God is doing.  But we shall not all sleep, but we shall be changed.  We shall be changed in God. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.  What causes your eye to have a twinkle?  Light. What is the light of God...the word of knowledge that comes to us from Him.  As we receive His Word and knowledge it causes us to change.  We change from living a lowly life without God to living a beautiful life with God.  When you put God in your everyday life you get as much bigger view of things.  You know that God is in control of you and that He is watching out for you.  God will work miracles in your life just for you.
     To me, the cocoon in the story is like God.  We go into God a lowly caterpillar desiring to make a change in our lives and we come out of God a NEW CREATURE in HIM.  I have done this in my life and I'm like the other butterfly urging you to try your new life in God.  In 18 years, of living this new life with God, He has NEVER let me down, and what He has done for me, He WILL do for you.  Go ahead, make the change.

Story by: Brenda Beaty                               
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