For those of you who might be interested, we would like introduce ourselves. Dan and Brenda Beaty, the editors of Living TRUTH and THE NEW GENERATION, are natives of their resident city, Columbus, Ohio. Here we raised our 3 children, who are now married and have given us 8 grandchildren.

From 1978 to 1994, Dan served as elder/teacher, Brenda as Sunday School teacher, and both were part of the song and music team at the House of Prayer, a small, non-denominational church on the West side of Columbus. Dan has also been writing and distributing gospel literature intermittently since the early seventies.

From early 1995 we have been more heavily involved with another group that meets in various homes, while continuing to maintain contact with our spiritual family at the House of Prayer. This was a very challenging but exciting transitional time for us as we felt pressed of the Lord to leave our comfort zones for a realm of greater dependence upon His Voice and Care.

Presently our days are filled with maintaining the family painting business, helping to care for our grandchildren, fellowshiping with our wonderful brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ, exercising our spiritual gifts in the weekly gatherings, corresponding with Christians on the internet, and sharing our writings through both the printed and electronic media.

This local group is very desirous to share Jesus with others and to see to the spiritual welfare of believers and their families. The Lord has also blessed them with opportunities to meet various local and distant needs with the vision of His expanding Kingdom in view. Please pray for us as we make ourselves available unto Him for the sharing of His Glorious Gospel to the world around us.

Another great pleasure many of us have found in Jesus is to travel on occasion and personally visit the precious saints that we have come to know over the years. As He permits, we hope to even meet some of you!

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