Who Are We?

Dan and Brenda Beaty, the editors of Living TRUTH and THE NEW GENERATION, are natives of their resident city, Columbus, Ohio, USA. Here they raised their 3 children, who are now all married and have given them 8 grandchildren.

From 1978 to 1994, Dan served as elder/teacher, Brenda as Sunday School teacher, and both were part of the music ministry at the House of Prayer, a small, non-denominational church on the West side of Columbus. Dan has also been writing and distributing gospel literature around the world since the early seventies.

From early 1995 to 2010 they became more heavily involved with another group that meets in various homes. This was a very challenging but exciting transitional time as they felt pressed of the Lord to leave their comfort zones for a realm of greater dependence upon Him.

Over the years, Dan has often taken time off from his small business for the message of the Kingdom of God. His travels have taken him to various States as well as to Canada, Australia and India. In his four visits to India, he has spoken at conferences and gatherings in Delhi, Trivandrum, Chennai, Hyderabad, Guntur, and numerous villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh, where his writings are translated into the local Telugu language.

Currently they are finding wonderful fellowship with the folks at Center Point Church in Westerville, Ohio. This local group is very desirous to share Jesus with others and to see to the spiritual welfare of believers and their families.

This year we are excited about new opportunities in the Lord. As of September, 2013 I am semi-retired from my business. This allows me to devote considerably more time to writing, traveling and sharing the Good News of the Kingdom of God with others. I am also excited about finally getting more teachings YouTube and itunes.

We welcome the opportunity to share the Lord’s gifts with any of you, whether in small or large meetings. We are all one body in Him!

If you are interested in fellowship or ministry, click here

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