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Below are articles grouped according to theme. 

Faith and Abundant Christian Living:

The Simplicity of Christ 
Contending for the Faith 
The Key to Abundance
Living Faith
Faith, Courage and Optimism
Living on the Edge 
Never Give Up! 
The Power of Prayer

Christian Service:

What is Full-Time Ministry? 
My Brother’s Keeper? 
The Followers of Christ 

Spiritual Restoration/Renewal:

What IF! 
Baptized in the Fire! 
Contending for the Faith 
Essential and Relevant Christianity

Issues Concerning Life in the Body of Christ

The Once and Normal Church

The True Church 
Who are the Wineskins? 
The Significance of House Church Meetings 
Separation or Sectarianism? 
The Church Triumphant

The Kingdom of God on earth:

The Kingdom of God is Near! 
God is Now! 
The Significance of House Church Meetings

Understanding the Will of God:

Understanding the Will of God, Part 1

Understanding the Will of God, Part 2

Understanding the Will of God, Part 3

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  1. john stephen says:

    If you don’t mind, an updated and detailed articles would suffice ‘a’ thirsty heart, In the name of Lord our God, Thank you.

    • Dan Beaty says:

      Thanks for contacting us. This site is in the process of reconstruction. Please be patient as I work to present more articles for you. In the mean time, please check the tab “Publications,” as well as the “Article Archive.” There are many writings there that I hope you will find useful. There are also some transcripts of our former radio broadcasts under “Living Truth Radio.”


  2. David O'Brien says:

    Dear Dan, I just read one of your articles, and I was amazed. I’d like to send you a free pdf copy of my book, “Return – The Reformation God & His People Are Yearning For,” if you’re interested (see, let me know how I can send it to you.


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