Proclaiming a Message of Good News and Hope to our generation!

Christ has turned our night into Day!

Every Christmas I like to share this song that was written and performed by some friends, Larry and Dana Berry, and Larry Hakala. The music was recorded in my home studio and the video was produced by our friend in Christ, Roger Legg.  Enjoy!


  1. David Anderson

    The best part, for me, of this song are those behind it. True seekers of the Kingdom, that is. People happy to serve others with their talents without price and for the glory of God.

    The song’s message is clear. A little child could enjoy singing it. And the instruments do not drown out the vocals as we often experience. It has the feel of a Fleetwood Mac song. Also, a number by Richard Marx called Hazard. The song stays in your head, you see. But the similarities end there.

    This song has a catchy tune and the lyrics are eternal. It is not the typical boring Christian music. Which I am sad to say regarding the present state of affairs…

    Dan, please return to your studio with your team and without delay. Give us some more of these hopeful messages in song. Thank you.

    • Dan Beaty

      Thanks again for the encouraging words. In fact Larry Hakala and I just spent the better part of three days in the studio working on new songs. The album is entitled, “Songs in the Key of Love.”

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