The Power of Prayer

By Dan Beaty

This generation has the distinction of living in a time of increasing technical knowledge. This knowledge has both benefited and hindered us. One thing that advanced technology has done, is to bring us into the age of information.

Daily we are bombarded with the news of nearly every negative event that happens around the globe. Becoming so fully aware of every instance of crime, corruption, and every act of violence or unfaithfulness has had its effect on many of us. Acquiring a rather distorted view of ourselves and the world around us tends to add to the problem.

The question arises, is the increase of hatred and racism in the world inevitable, or can we actually do something about it? To some, the Scriptures teach that we can do nothing to stem the tide of evil. As for myself, I cannot help but be compelled by the life and testimony of my Lord Jesus Christ, to see it differently.

The Saviour spoke of mountain-moving faith, and of the endless possibilities open to those who believe (Matt 17:20,21 Mark 9:23). His life challenged and overcame evil at every level. Hopelessness was not in His vocabulary. Even though He endured an insurmountable amount of pain and grief in His rejection and crucifixion, He knew that there was a purpose in it. That purpose brought Him joy and victory over all the failures of humanity (Hebrews 12:1,2 & 1:3). The will of God was plainly revealed in the power and love of Jesus. Today, He desires to reveal Himself in the same way through willing people such as you and me.

The foundation for any measure of life and deliverance in the earth is a genuine, vital relationship with God, the Father of us all. This relationship is based on prayer and true fellowship with Him on a spiritual level. We are not talking about bringing our wish list to God, even though He cares immensely about out desires and needs. In His great wisdom He knows that our greatest need is to know him (John 17:3). That means knowing not only what He is capable of doing, but also what He is capable of doing in us.

Jesus Himself removed the separation between God and man, and He successfully accomplished our union with Him. By this union we can freely approach the Almighty Creator of the universe with our concerns. There in His Presence we can find the power to be changed and to change the world around us (Hebrews 10:19,20 Jude 21-25).

When prayers have seemed to go unanswered, it can be very discouraging. But Jesus said we must not give up. Ultimately we will find the keys that can open up the realm of unlimited possibilities unto us. Just try to imagine the release of power taking place in the earth as all who hear this word begin to see God in a positive way, and begin calling forth His purpose from within them and others! The greatest visitation of His power and Spirit is yet to come as we begin to recover the true power of prayer and fellowship in His presence! This power will change the face of this guilt-ridden world when the people who know their God become strong to do exploits in HIM! (Daniel 11:32).

Instead of complaining about the problems of our nation and the world, we are instructed to pray for all men everywhere, especially our leaders (I Timothy 2:1-4). Instead of confessing the faults of others, we need to pray for them and acknowledge Jesus as the Saviour of all mankind. By dwelling in His Presence and meditating on His Word, the very way we see His universe will be changed. In the tranquil, quiet hours we share with Him, we can hear His Voice speaking peace to our inner being. With His peace ruling in our hearts, the darkness and confusion are being replaced with light and understanding. This new vision is empowering us to pray the will of God into the affairs of men, bringing in a heavenly Kingdom where righteousness, peace and joy reign in this earth (Matthew 6:10).

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