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Do you hunger for a more vibrant and living Christian experience? Do you sense that there must be more for you than what the “status quo” has to offer? Are you tired of feeling useless to God and helpless in dealing with everyday struggles? Do you believe the Lord has called you to somehow make a difference in the world around you, instead of simply making excuses and rationalizations?

Living TRUTH is a publication that attempts to face some of these issues and find practical direction for all of those who desire the changes that God intends. We do not hesitate to challenge and stimulate our readers to rise up and heed to the call of God for their lives.

Together we hope to inspire one another to new heights of courage and confidence in our mighty Lord and King, Jesus Christ! We are in search of others who sense a need for a deeper relationship with Him and also a more tangible expression of His reality in our daily lives. Perhaps you are a candidate for this quest, this adventure, this pioneering in faith that we desire. If so, read on, and perhaps share the following resources with others. Let us fan the flames of our love and devotion for Jesus Christ, finding new zeal and enthusiasm for His Word and a deeper love for one another!


  1. Carmen Steelman

    Gloria to our Lord.

  2. Linda Myshak

    I am looking for the radio broadcast from Oct 12 2017 aired on cjca 930 the light. I only caught the last part of it…talking about the commandments of God bring promises. It was so good

    • Dan Beaty

      Sorry Linda,
      The radio program you are looking for is by someone else, as we no longer broadcast by radio.

  3. David Anderson

    This is great content, my brother Dan. And lots of it, too. Your posts here go back to 2012. Prior to that you were sending out thousands of newsletters – even a newsletter for children.

    My soul is blessed. Having met you in person, I am certain that your words are sincere. I really appreciate that.

    In my own life, I have lost confidence in many church people – even some leaders. It makes me look harder at myself so that I do not also deny my Lord.

    Labors in the Lord are never in vain. Let’s keep in touch. And talk soon.

    • Dan Beaty

      Thanks David for always supporting this fellow from up North. God has certainly brought us together!

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