Living Truth Radio

Here are transcripts of radio broadcasts.


Teachings on Prayer:

The Power of Prayer

Intimacy With God


The Purposes of God:

Overcoming Sin

Understanding the Will of God

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done


The Abundant Life:

What About Your Self-Esteem?

Super-Abounding Grace!


The Kingdom of God:

Kingdom Life

Kingdom Growth

Kingdom Authority

The Time is at Hand!

The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Lordship of Jesus Christ

Entering the Kingdom

Reigning With Christ

The Church and the Kingdom in History


Teachings on Faith:

Contending For the Faith

Living By Faith 

Faith — the Substance!

4 Responses so far.

  1. Ken Rood says:

    Hi: I’m trying to locate Pastor Price’s
    sermon on atheism, agnostic, and theist.
    I heard it on radio KOQT in Bellingham, WA on Aug 8, 2013. Can I source that on the internet, or u-tube? (yes, 3 o’s in my email)
    Please advise.
    Ken Rood

  2. Kathleen Wisniewski says:

    Today is September 16, 2019. The sermon I heard today at 11:30 AM on Living Truth was wonderful. It was regarding envy and desire for thing other people have and how we think it will make our lives better instead of choosing Gods word and putting Him first. I would like either an audio or printed copy of this sermon.
    Please advise.
    Kathleen Wisniewski

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