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New Covenant Living

For many the time has come for a return to the basic essentials of living in Jesus Christ. This search is leading them to a rediscovery of our Lord as He really is – in a renewal of our very first love.

Many believers are also ready for a radical change in the way they understand and practice their faith. The answer for some is in returning to a more simplistic approach to both individual and corporate life in Christ. Theirs is a consuming desire to know Jesus more deeply. While on this quest they are finding many nonessential practices of modern-day Christianity to be a hindrance, rather than the help they were intended to be.

In this “back to the basics” approach, we hope to rediscover the vitality and excitement that the First Century Church enjoyed. Much of their secret is bound up in a pact God made with man through the death of His Son, Jesus, the Messiah. This New Covenant is a great improvement over the old one, but many Christians over the centuries have often found it difficult to resist going back to the Old Testament pattern.

The old covenant had numerous things that religious people love: holy artifacts, holy places, holy days, holy men, all very neatly organized. But alas, in all of it there remains no life, for Christ has fulfilled it all and replaced it with a better way — Himself!

His plan was to extend Himself by purchasing with His blood, Jews and gentiles from every nation under heaven. Together we comprise what Paul described as the Body of Christ. All of the holy events and places now become alive in a holy people — the Living Church of Jesus Christ — which is bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh!

We invite you to join us, in our rediscovery of the beauty, joy and wonder of Jesus Christ as found in His precious people — an ordinary, everyday people whom He has lifted up into an extraordinary and heavenly life!

Come with us on a journey into His eternal riches! Gather with us in simple meetings of two or three or more who know Him. Let us view Him together, sensing His promised Presence! Feel the pounding of His heartbeat and hear the sound of His Voice as He speaks in the midst, freely without human oversight! His desire is for us to find the same oneness in Him that He has with the Father, while we witness the transforming effects of His face shining upon us!

Are you brave and bold enough to leave your comfort zone of religious security? Fear not, for you are about to experience a security that only the Presence of the Almighty God can give!

New Covenant Living is dedicated to believers who love Jesus Christ, and to supporting them in their spiritual growth in Him. Specifically, we hope to provide resources that encourage the building up of that divine relationship with Him and between the members of His Body.

We believe that the Church of Jesus Christ is both a heavenly and an earthly family, and that the home is the ideal environment for the growth and reproduction of that family. If you are desiring more information and understanding of these themes, you might want to download some of the following essays and newsletters. You can also check out some other web pages we’ve noted that share in a similar emphasis.


New Covenant Living is an outreach ministry of the brethren who meet on Roys Ave., in Columbus, OH, and Living Truth Publications.

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  1. David Anderson

    Dear Dan, thank you for another powerful message. One which you are seeking to live out, I know.

    Minor point… Christ has done such an excellent job of fulfilling all the types and shadows – it is a wonder to me that “Messianic Christians” still feel the obligation to keep doing these old covenant duties.

    What would the world think about a man who only wanted to sit on the couch and look at his wife’s pictures? While his wife was waiting for him in the next room?

    Let’s keep the drum beat going for our Mighty King – who was down at the right hand of the Almighty. His enemies are his footstool. And his early task with regard to the Law is forever completed.

    • Dan Beaty

      David, thanks for reading and commenting. I agree that it is much better to be with my wife than to look at her pictures, as lovely as they may be!

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