In Living TRUTH Publications you will find certain emphases recurring periodically. The Theme of all themes is of course the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ. From our relationship with Him as our Savior, Healer, Lord, the Master, Maker and Sustainer of this vast universe, all Truth springs forth!

Secondly, the Church of Jesus Christ, which is His Bride and also His Body, is given considerable attention here. Her coming to a full maturity and union with her divine Husband is understood as central to God’s purpose and very dear to His Heart.

Finally, we see the expansion of the Kingdom of God in the earth resulting from our relationship and obedience to our Beloved Saviour, Husband and King. We understand the Kingdom of God as a past, present and future reality, with internal and external, personal and corporate, heavenly and earthly implications.

Very simply put the Kingdom of God is that domain wherein its citizens very voluntarily and lovingly offer their full devotion to the Lord their King. The result of our participation in His purpose is the increasing reign of His righteousness, peace and joy in our lives and in the world to which we have been sent with His Good News.