The Church and the Kingdom in History

In these modern times, the believing Christian is more informed than ever before. Today we have television, radio, the printed page, and now the internet at our disposal. With all of our Christian schools and colleges, as well as the Christian media, we can easily become educated and stay informed of all major events and trends in this world with the facts from a Christian perspective.

Recently Christians have become preoccupied with the activities of our leaders, and are naturally concerned with many troubling situations on the global scene. It is normal and also important that were are aware of the world around us, to which we have been called to shine His Glorious Light.

But there is the danger that we might lose our focus on the Lord Himself in all of this. Are we  not to live our lives by every Word that proceeds out of His mouth? Where is His focus today? To what is His attention directed? Where is His Heart, and what exactly consumes Him? Is there anyone out there that desires, even hungers and thirsts for the Lord's point of view?

May I boldly affirm today that the focus of God's attention has always been on His eternal purpose, and that people through which His purpose is being accomplished! Today, and even in these troubled times we know by the Word of the Lord that His purpose is His Kingdom reign and that people who are in His great Heart is that true Church, His Body, the fullness of Him which fills all in all!

What was the prayer that Jesus prayed and taught us all to pray? It was for His Kingdom to come and for His will to be done IN EARTH, as it is in heaven! And who did He pray for in the garden,  that they would be one, so that the world would know and believe in Him?

He prayed for His people, His Church -- for these are the important and most significant of all history -- especially in the closing days of this age!

Have you ever really considered the significance of the church in history? Do you realize that the entire creation is eagerly waiting for you and me to come to spiritual maturity in Christ,  revealing His true nature to all?

Why to you think that satan rages against any small move you attempt to make in the advance of God's Kingdom?  He knows, even though the rulers of this world do not, that the eternal purpose of God is invested in you, and that His Church is preparing to make known the wisdom of God to all of them!

All things are working together for your good, to you who have been called to fulfill His purpose! But what does that mean? Does that mean God wants me to have nice things? Are we to pursue personal peace and happiness? Or are we rather to SEEK FIRST the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, in order that all temporal and spiritual blessing would not distract us from His will? Our Father already knows what we have need of materially, but our greatest need is to know Him, His will and His righteousness!

Yes the president of the U.S. is important and significant. The leaders of all major nations do have an important part to play in history. But from God's viewpoint, He has been working on a people for 6000 years that are about to change the course of History!

These are the ones who rule and reign with Him! Because they are under His reign, they reign in His authority! He must reign until all enemies are put under His feet, but we are under Him now! We are in His Kingdom now! We reign in life now!

But so many Christians are willing to spiritualize the kingdom into an imaginary fantasy world, a place where we can go to escape the struggles of this life, or perhaps a place that we expect to see eventually after we die.

The church is often seen as this big bus, picking up passengers on its way to heaven. Once seated, we simply wait to arrive at our destination. But is this the true Biblical view of Christ's Church -- that people who are breaking down the gates of hell?

You and I need to catch a vision of God's purpose for this earth! We need to see how significant we are to the present unfolding of history! For thousands of years up until now, saints have died to fulfill their part in God's plan for this earth. Are we willing to lay down our hopes, our aspirations, our personal ambitions and our personal security to face the challenge of God to our generation?

Or are we satisfied to watch history unfold on television as simple spectators? Does it feed your soul to watch carnal man control and use and abuse the helpless in our world every day? Or have you found the food that nourished our Lord? His meat was to the will of Him who sent Him, and to finish His Work in the earth!

Was Jesus simply a philosopher with a wonderful and wise and positive teaching? Or was He a man of action? Did He teach us to live a live of retreat, escape, survival, and fear? Or did He give us peace, love, boldness and courage to face the challenges of our day?

Please consider these questions, my brother, my sister in Christ. But be careful. Your life might just begin to be changed! You just might become released and snatched away from a man-centered religion, and a self-centered existence, to become translated into a realm full of challenges, failures, victories and defeats, but all the while filled with His abundant life!

Do you want to change the world? Or is satan whispering into your ear that this is just impossible?

Well, who are you going to believe in and trust -- the father of Lies, or Truth Himself, who boldly declared that all things are possible with God! Are we standing with God? Are we listening to His Voice?

If so, we are being prepared for action! Get ready saints to break down the very gates of hell! You are not riding a bus -- you have been enlisted into an army! You are becoming strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might!

Two thousand years ago Jesus, after His resurrection gave his disciples a direct command. They were to wait in Jerusalem for the promise of the Holy Ghost. Their obedience to this command was the most powerful act that mortal men have ever committed. For many days they waited for Him in prayer and humility as He knitted their souls together in His Love.

Then on the day of Pentecost they were endued with power from on high! They were all filled with the Holy Ghost and became powerful witnesses unto Him! Of them it was testified that they had turned the world upside down!

But those early disciples never forgot where the source of their power lie. Over the years they continued in His general command to make disciples of all nations, telling others of the Good News that filled their hearts. But they also knew how to act on the Holy Spirit's initiative, for only by Him could the work be effective.

Today we often fall into patterns that have been established by the generations before us who were in fact directed by the Spirit of the Lord -- but what is God saying unto us today? And even worse, we so easily become caught up in the machinery of organized religion, being so deeply entrenched in our traditions that the Voice of God is virtually unheard.

It is high time to hear the Word of the Lord! There is no life in the words or the counsels of men!

What saved Noah and his family? His obedience to the Word of the Lord! And how do you suppose to protect your own in these complex and disturbing times? Will your knowledge of the stock market save you? Will your trust in democracy and free enterprise save you? No!

The only true security for the people of God is in the secret place of the Most High, under the shadow of the Almighty! Here we find even more than peace and security, for we are now discovering the power and the purpose of God for our lives!

God is giving a wake up call unto His own! "Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee Light!" "Call upon Me and I will answer, and show unto you great and mighty things, that you know not!"

Are you listening to the Voice of God today? What is He saying unto you? I can tell you with all confidence that His desire is for you to receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened that you might know what is the hope of His calling, and the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.

Bible teachers can be of help by pointing us to Him. They can even represent Him as His holiness and truth is revealed in their own lives. But the Lord of the universe wants to inhabit you! He desires that same intimate union with you through which you can be impregnated by His life!

He wants to set you free from your consciousness of rules and traditions. His law is written on the tables of your hearts! Your delight is to do His will! Your joy is in pleasing Him! Every deed done in His Name -- whether great or small, whether simple or insignificant -- whether noticed by others or not -- the satisfaction of His Heart is all you truly desire! Is this not true? Well come on then, just admit it!

Those hesitations, those resisting thoughts are not really your own. They belong to a dead man, the person you were before Christ found you! That man was slain on the cross with Him two thousand years ago! Today God is calling forth the real you -- the New Creation Man! This new life, this new man is the one who will fulfill the will of God in our day. He is Christ in you, the hope of glory!

Are you hearing His Voice today? Are you feeling a radical change coming over you? Then simply yield unto Him. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will direct your paths!

He will speak unto you with His Living Word! He will fill you up with His Holy Spirit! He will empower you to live the impossible life!

So say no to satan's lies! Say no to the limitations of religious thinking! Say no to your own doubts and fears! He is the Truth! You can know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free!

Just worship Him Who is invisible, immortal, all-powerful and all-knowing! Let all the idols fall and worship only Him! Then and only then can your life and mine make the difference in the world around us that is of eternal value.

Then we can begin to truly behold our God!

Heavenly Father,

You know how easily distracted we have become in these days. The cares of this life keep pressing in on us, and the lies of the enemy attempt to drown out the sound of your sweet call.

Give us ears to hear from you today. And fill our hearts with the vision of You. Then may we arise to that marvelous sound, and follow you into the heavenlies in Christ Jesus our Lord.


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