Understanding the Will of God and His Kingdom

Living Truth Radio Broadcast, March 13, 1998

When considering and seeking to understand the will of God for our lives, we must realize the importance of knowing His overarching purpose for our generation. One writer of the Proverbs states that "where there is no vision the people perish, but he that keeps God's law, happy is he."

In the Word or command of the King, there is power, and oh how we in our generation need to see and experience the power of Jesus our King in our lives! I can scarcely think of an area of my life that is not in great need of the manifested power of Christ! How about you? Do you also crave for the release of prisoners all around you?

Do you have personal prisons, or do you cry out daily for loved ones, at home, at school or the work place, in the city and neighborhood, and in your local churches? Or has perhaps the deceiver convinced you that these oppressions the people are under are actually the "will of God?"

Well, today we are hearing a message of Good News! That Good News is about Christ's kingdom of love, joy, freedom, righteousness and peace! This Good News is the power of God unto salvation -- to everyone who believes!

2000 years ago, Jesus proclaimed this message of Good News, that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! And Peter later stated in Acts 2:39 that "the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call."

In that day, the Kingdom of Heaven began as a small mustard seed, planted in the earth, and today it has grown into a mighty tree! And as yeast which is mixed in with ordinary flour, causing the whole loaf to rise, the principles of the Reign of God that Jesus both taught and manifested, is continuing to leaven the whole earth!

Thus is the power of the Word of our King! It pierces deep into our hearts, causing repentance and an inner transformation, that ripples outward through this sin cursed world in which we live!

Do you hunger for the Power of His Word and His Kingdom in your life? Are you hearing the call to be His disciple, to follow Him where ever He goes? Are you ready to exchange your feeble, useless life, for His full, rich, and meaningful life, one that promises to bring down all of the kingdoms of men? Are you up to such a challenge?

Of course not! Neither you nor I have the guts, the faith, the courage to rise up in obedience to His commands, but wait! There is Grace, there is the power, there is the faith you need in Christ! You need but to surrender unto Him, place yourself at His feet, and simply watch, as He comes unto you, to fill you with His Love!

You can receive an ear to hear, and faith to respond to His commands! You can become who God has always intended you to be!

This is His plan. This is His will for you! You have a part to play in the advancement of His Kingdom! But you must first know the Good News yourself!

This is a message of great relevance, even in our modern times. Jesus Christ is Lord! We must crown Him Lord of all! We must acknowledge His Lordship in every area of our lives! Herein is the power of God to manifest His Kingdom to all mankind!

When Jesus said, " I AM the Truth," He wasn't simply stating that His was the true religion. It was much more than that! The life of love and sacrifice that He lived, the relationship with the Father that He possessed, His joyous submission to the Father's will, and His message of hope and freedom for all mankind -- all of this was Him -- He IS The Truth!

He IS the way, the truth, and the Life -- the design of God for our lives and our world, and the means of fulfilling God's glorious purpose for all!

Brothers, sisters, God today is raising up messengers to proclaim the Good News of His Kingdom reign in the earth! Perhaps you may be one of them! He will send you out into your work places and the marketplaces in the daily routines of your lives. You will carry His Message by the righteousness, peace and joy that lives within you! Your very countenance will witness to His Lordship!

Some may even have a word to declare, direct from the heavenly headquarters, issued from the King Himself! Others will bow in silence, awaiting His Command, for only His authority can bring the deliverance we seek!

Jesus taught us to pray for His Kingdom to come and the Father's will to be done in earth, as it is in heaven! And then He sent His disciples out 2 by 2 on a mission to bring heaven down! They healed the sick, raised the dead, cleansed the lepers, and declared unto them that the Kingdom of God had come near unto them!

When we wonder where the power of God has gone from His church, do we consider that we may have failed to fully present His Gospel? His Gospel is not easy and cheap. It challenges and confronts men and women to perfection. It calls them upward into a heavenly life now! It requires them to forsake all and follow Him!

But the easy believism of modern Christianity requires nothing more than church attendance, and our financial support. "Give us your money and we'll do the rest." Do you and I have any idea how much God must hate the watering down of the most glorious message of all time!

How foolish we must be to actually believe that God exists merely to satisfy our own personal dreams and aspirations!

It is time for us to get back to the true, full Gospel of Jesus Christ! Only this Word will deliver us from ourselves and our fleshly pride!

Jesus loves you! He came to deliver the captives, to heal the broken-hearted, to bring good news to the poor, giving sight to the blind -- and He is still in the business of salvation yet today! That is what you are here for -- to continue in this great tradition of telling the Good News of His advancing Kingdom!

Don't think for one moment that you won't meet with resistance, from both within you and without! But be of good cheer, Jesus has overcome! You are entering into a world where life and love are the only laws! In these, you will find true victorious living! You are coming into -- THE WILL OF GOD!

Last time we gave forth the challenge to true community life among believers. Oh how the witness of the Gospel in the early believers was strengthened by their love for one another! And oh how our witness to His Kingdom is weakened by our disunity, competition, and failure to love one another!

Did you know our Lord actually prayed for us, that we might be one, that the world might know the truth of His coming, and believe that He was sent from God the Father?

Can we dare to resist His purpose, His Heart -- for visible unity among believers who are learning to live together and love one another in His Love?

What a challenge! To stay at the foot of His Cross, allowing it to work grace, and forgiveness within us, giving us the power to love as He loved!

Yes! In the Word of a King there is power! And our power is found in responding to His command to love and give and share our lives with one another, becoming a visible demonstration of His Kingdom in this earth! Hallelujah! You can do it! So can I! But only because of our trust in Jesus, His Lordship, His Eternal Word, the Power of His Cross working deep within us, and the energy of the Holy Spirit to live His Life through us!

But what a thrill! To participate in the crashing down of hell's mighty strongholds! Carnal and earthly weapons cannot accomplish this, but we have weapons that are mighty through our God! Love, grace, faith, and obedience to Him will overcome fear, hatred, defeat and death. And together, as His people, we are strong!

We, having received a Kingdom that cannot be moved, now stand victorious in the righteousness, peace, truth and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Heavenly Father,

It seems that we have been so often inclined to stray from the simplicity of Christ, and life as members of His body. So often we have even forgotten who we are, and who we are becoming by your grace -- children in the family of God, growing up unto full stature in you.

We ask that you forgive us for our complacency, heal us from our hardness or bitterness, and deliver us from our lack of courage and faith in you. May we hear your Voice anew, and receive fresh direction from your throne, joining ranks together in your army -- as soldiers of the Light!

May the Good News of your advancing Kingdom fill our hearts, spilling over into every relationship. And may we see again the days of liberation in Christ, which only living and proclaiming your message of hope can bring.

In Jesus precious Name,


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