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The Pursuit of God


  1. David A

    Amazing love – how can it be? That YOU, almighty Jehovah, my God, should die for me. Me, the adopted son, brought into the same family as the natural (Jewish) children. That God may be all and in all. As we all, Jew and Gentile, bow together at his Throne.

    Dan, this is truly the greatest story ever told! Nothing else comes close.

    So, good to see this post. I was wondering about your whereabouts, my brother.

    • Dan Beaty

      Yes David, God’s love is amazing! Recently I came across this on my bookshelf, “The Pursuit of God.” It is true that He made the first move toward us, but our relationship with Him is not passive. I love Tozer’s motivation and it motivates me tremendously!

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