• Truth about the Prosperity Gospel, Pt. 7

    Posted on January 2, 2013 by Dan Beaty in Christian Living, Podcasts.

    Healing is the Children’s Bread

    Last time I shared how I disagree with the methods and teachings of some prosperity and “word of faith” preachers today. That is not to say that everything they teach about faith and healing is wrong. In fact, I have been greatly encouraged by their emphasis on aspects of the New Testament that are often neglected or overlooked.

    That is why I would like to offer encouragement to anyone reading this who is in distress — financially, physically, relationally, emotionally or otherwise. The whole Bible is a wonderful source of hope for every situation. The New Testament is a terrific place to start for many of us, mainly because Christ, who is foreshadowed in the Old Testament is more clearly revealed in the New.

    Please do not forsake the Old Testament. There are aspects of the New that cannot be fully understood without it. Not only that, but the powerful testimonies it contains are immensely faith-building. This the subject we are addressing, faith and how it can help you in your life. The faith we are discussing is faith in God. This faith comes by hearing, hearing by His Word. (Romans 10:17)

    Everything you can learn about faith, including from yours truly, is second hand. You have a better source. The very Word of God. I am not talking about a quick fix, but something that can permanently change your life, your outlook and your future.

    All I am suggesting is to begin reading the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and the Book of Acts as well. Read them with the focus on the greatness and glory of God in Christ. Try and take in all the wonder, the mighty deeds, the depth of His love and compassion, and the possibilities He is presenting to you personally.

    Make the conscious decision to believe the Words of Jesus, the testimony and teachings of His apostles, and to allow your life to be changed by them. Think seriously and deeply about the truth of the Gospel. This is not about abandoning reason or comment sense. It is about surrendering yourself to your all-wise, all-powerful and all-loving Father God. He will lead you and teach you and build your faith in Him more effectively than anyone else can!

    So what do you think? Are these recommendations worth considering?

    Written by Dan Beaty

    Dan Beaty

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  1. Sharleen says:

    Food for thought. Great encouragement to ‘get in the Word’. The New Testament is in the Old concealed; the Old is in the New, revealed… as someone has so aptly said, Exciting to see how they agree together!

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